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In "BIS 4ever" a cast of approximately 75 students, from across Primary and Secondary, recreated the British International School, along with its teachers.

The original play tracked the lives of a group of fictitious IB students as they tried to cope with school, home, friendship, love, and life. The piece also portrayed students from other year groups as they wrestled with their own problems. Inspired by the Coming of Age genre and specifically films like ‘Scott Pilgrim vs The World’, ‘Rushmore’, and ‘400 Blows’, the play mixed comedy with the harsh realities of life, and death.

Primary students deftly provided a glimpse into the past when they reenacted a play that two of the lead characters had themselves performed in when they were younger. The play within a play was Romeo and Juliet and the Primary students handled the difficult language with great skill.

The International Baccalaureate
Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools
Cambridge Assessment International Education
Duke Of Edinburgh Expedition Assessor Accreditation
Council of British International Schools
Council of International Schools