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The BSI is the leading private international and national school in Türkiye, offering a modified British National Curriculum, IGCSE, and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

It is the first and only school in Istanbul to simultaneously hold accredited school status with the Council of International Schools, Council of British International Schools, and Middle States Association Commission On Elementary and Secondary Schools.


Accreditation is a guarantee that the school has met the exacting requirements of a particular accreditation agency - COBIS, CIS, and MSA. These standards are thoroughly checked by a team of educational professionals, be they Inspectors in the case of COBIS, or Peer Visitors in the case of CIS and MSA. Accreditation is renewed every five years and BISI is currently undergoing the self-study process prior to the renewal of our CIS and MSA Accreditation. In meeting these standards, we are showing that we are a school that is top quality in every area of its operation. We are showing that we are a school that can be relied upon to give children a top-quality education at all levels of the school. We are showing that we are a school that cares for its staff and is a great workplace. We are showing that we are a school that cares about our principles, and that has Guiding Statements that we live up to because they guide every decision made in the school. We are a school that understands the requirements of international and intercultural education and provides this to give high-quality education to all our students.

  • To be accredited, schools need to undergo a rigorous evaluation or inspection regularly.
  • The accreditation agencies require a school to demonstrate the highest standard of practice in every area of their operation such as recruitment, student welfare, facilities, governance, ethos and values, teaching and learning, leadership in the school, extra-curricular activities, and community life.
  • These accreditations are the benchmark for outstanding education worldwide.
  • Our accreditations are your guarantee of the quality of education available to your children.

The International Baccalaureate
Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools
Cambridge Assessment International Education
Duke Of Edinburgh Expedition Assessor Accreditation
Council of British International Schools
Council of International Schools